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I placed an order with Stephen Young through Communications Publishing for the book titled America's Secret Cash Giveaways on April 23rd 2008.the flyer that was enclosed with the order slip truly looked authentic so I placed an order.

my check was cashed. I called the phone numbers and. The number was a recordings with no way for you to leave a message, I am hoping that filing this report will not only get my money but also everyone else who has lost their money. I hope this Scammer is brought to justice.

There are thousands of complaints on the internet.

I should have researched it before sending my money.

Monetary Loss: $23.

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I ordered the book and have not received it yet. I wish I had read all these. I get f***** in the wrong way.


ive receive this same letter also,ive been scam a couple times before in which ive loss a couple hundreds of dollars. in which i didn,t try to get back.however,from now on when i receive this kind of letter, i investigate them myself before i send my money.these, people should be found and dealt with.i will tell you all, before you send your money check the address out on the webb, you,ll be surprise :


It's not the loss of $30 that hurts, it's the crushing of one's hopes.I know there is a thuggish brother out there that can rent a po box close to box 996 wall st NY.,NY 10268-0996.

Please take a pic of this fool and post it. I promise you KARMA will do it's thing.I'm just sorry I live so far. I'll Be in NY early next year, if this is'n done by then, I'll do it myself.

Question, why is it the government knows about this person and he/she continues to profit from others misjudgement?If you need help, recruit me for a month and I'll find him.


Mother#$@@%$, now I decide to read this ***.Like a fool, I'm looking in my mail box everyday.This is indeed the most heart-breaking blog I've ever read.

Peoples, KARMA is a ***, This sob is guaranteed to get his share of it.If he or she did not realize it, KARMA trickles down the blood line,...


I like a lot of other sent for my book for 24.99.Money was withdrawn,yet still 9 week later no book, nor the other 30 books I sent for.

I usually check, but not this time.For I to start a small busines.Boy was ever dumb, but never again without checking out the information.




Well, I sent in a check for $24.95 too, because it said it was guaranteed money back...and I have not received my book.The check cleared about six weeks ago.

Guess what?Today I got another offer from them for $29.95...and it sounds like the same stuff.


I feel so grateful to the many people on this website and their HONESTY regarding the so-called "Communications Publishing".I almost fell for this scam/fraud myself until I looked at all of these comments.

Whoever finds these comments here, please listen and don't give "Communications Publishing" one cent - in fact, don't even give them a second thought....

The Bible says: 'A bad person will not go unpunished.'.Whoever is doing this scam will eventually get caught.


In late '08 or early'09 I sent for $billion$ources offered by Stephen Young and received it several wks.later, but never used any of the information.

Irecently decided to get an updated edition and sent $24.90 to Com.

Pub.Have not received anything as yet.


sure am glad I came to the internet for a better address before I put a check into the mail. Pleased that I found out this was a scam before I lost my money!!!!

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