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I ordered Americas Secret Cash Giveaways book on Jan 26,2009. My money was taken but I have yet to see the book or the 18 free other books that were supposed to come with it.

I can not find a way to get ahold of them. They are truly rip-off artists. Consumers beware.

I want either the book or a reund of my money.

The phone number I found for the company was answered by no one. It just rang and rang. This is truly a fly by night company. It is not a legitimate business. I hope they are brought to justice.

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I also never received books from communitions publishers. Everyone should file a complaint with The Federal Trade Commission.

They will investigate if they get a number of complaints.

Also file complaints with your Attorney General's Office. Shut them down.


I haven't recieved my book either. Someone please tell me how to get in touch with the Attorney General!!!!!!


After reading what the Pissed-Off people had to say,I am truly ashamed to add my

name to the list that seems to grow each

day. I believe that Cheryl is right. We

all need to: CONTACT THE "NEW YORK"

ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE. I sent a check,they cashed it, No Books,nothing-!

Good Luck to everyone


I also was sent the same information and wouldn't you know it NO BOOK,REQUEST FORM,or the 30 other REPORTS. I am in a Homeless Program and need help, what can I do?

write to me @ 2944 Olden Oak Ln # 301 Auburn Hills, Michigan 48326.

This dude really needs to be put in JAIL!!!



Same story-They cashed the check but have never sent books! No contact info. How do I get in touch with them?


Hello to everyone who got ripped off.Dido. I just recieved another invitation to buy the same books that i also never recieved. I called a number that i got from my bank.Got an answering machine with his voice on it stating that you need to wait atleast 6 weeks to recieve the books......still don't have them.I am planning on contacting the attorney generals office i suggest you do the same!!

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